Nobelkommitté hyllar rättighet genom att förorda tvång

Professor Peter Gray levererar väldigt bra kritik av skolplikten och Barnkonventionen i sitt senaste inlägg på hans blogg “Freedom to Learn” på “Psychology Today”. Bland annat påtalar han det bakvända i att nobelkommittén hyllar barns rättigheter genom att förorda tvång att gå i skolan.

Peter Gray skriver:

“Yes, every child should have the right to an education.  But every child should also have the right to the kind of education that he or she craves, in which he or she will truly learn, where he or she is happy!  The state should not have the right to dictate education.  The state should not have that kind of control over families and children.  Why do we allow it?  Why don’t we rise up and stop it, for the sake of our children?  Yes, it’s wonderful to protect children from child labor, but if we then send them off to schools that are constructed as indoor forced workplaces and detention centers, are we doing them, after all, a favor?”

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